Our church building is hard to find. These directions will help (also see parking advice).

You can also find an easy-to-print PDF map here and bring it with you if that helps.

If you see the railway station and Burger King, you’re at the other end of town, about 15 mins’ walk away. Keep going towards the centre of the town.

We’re behind the Lighthouse cinema – in Chapel Hill. Satnav = TR7 1ND.

It’s possible to drop off car passengers outside the church in Chapel Hill but there’s no easy parking, so it’s best to park nearby and walk (see parking advice).

The Google map (above) shows the nearby St George’s car park shaded in grey (it’s below Manor Road) which is a good place to park. The photo below shows the view from this car park, looking towards the Lighthouse cinema (and the church behind).

NB: The church-like building you see to the left of the cinema is actually an adult education centre.

To reach Chapel Hill, walk to the side of the cinema. See below.


At the end of this cutway, turn left, up Chapel Hill.

Walking up Chapel Hill (see below), look to your right for some iron gates and a path that leads to our building.

However … the entrance is really easy to miss when you’re walking up. But get to the top and look down Chapel Hill – and it’s much easier to see the entrance on the left! (Apologies for the glare in this photo. It was a very sunny day.)

If you would rather print and bring a map to follow, then here’s one you can use.

Here’s some advice on parking too.

If you struggle to find us and you’re running late, don’t worry. Many people have exactly the same problem and arrive some time after the service has started. Please don’t feel embarrassed if this happens. We understand completely – and it’s just really nice to have you with us!

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