Watch videos – what’s the Bible all about?

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How can I know that God exists? Who is Jesus Christ? What is the answer to the problem of Sin? Is there life after death? How can I find peace?

Our friends at the Open Air Mission have produced some helpful YouTube videos which you can watch here.

Move to Newquay? Christians needed

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If you are a Christian, would you consider moving to Cornwall and helping in the Lord’s work here in Newquay? If this isn’t possible, do you know of someone who might?

At Newquay, we’ve had many encouragements, but our core membership is very small and the needs are great. We are very stretched. Read more here.

Church diary

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We meet every week on Sundays and Tuesdays. But sometimes we have special occasions, such as our Good News Services every so often (everyone is welcome and there’s a free lunch afterwards). Please see our church diary for more details.

Down on holiday? We are dog friendly

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Quite often, holidaymakers have dogs with them. If your dog will settle, then feel free to bring them along on Sundays or Tuesdays.

We don’t mind them at all … it’s just nice having you with us … much better than one of you having to miss the service to stay with your dog.