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The Christmas story: What happened next and the part about you!

Most of us love the Christmas Story. But the manger scene with Baby Jesus was only the start.

Read on in The Bible … and you’ll discover that Jesus was on a rescue mission – for people like you and me.

Some people feel they don’t need rescuing at all and they think the Christian message is not for them. But many accept we’re not perfect and need God’s forgiveness for the bad things we do, we say and we think.

Jesus came into this world to make forgiveness possible. He died on the cross (the Easter story) to pay for people’s sins. That’s why the Christmas Carols we love so much say lots of things about this.

Hark the Herald Angels talks about “God and sinners reconciled” (brought together because of Jesus).

The carol O Little Town of Bethlehem says “Cast out our sin and enter in” which is what happens when someone asks God with all their heart to make them a Christian.

The same carol also says “O come to us, abide with us” … and that means knowing on a personal level that Jesus is always with us.

That’s something special that keeps Christians really joyful … even when the Christmas decorations have all gone and its a cold, grey January morning and the bills arrive. It’s a joy that lasts for the rest of our lives and into eternity.

Newquay Baptist Church would like to wish you the very best for Christmas and New Year. May you have a wonderful time, whether you’re travelling away, staying at home or having to work.

You’re always very welcome at our services.

There are no perfect people in our church. That’s why we’re so grateful that Jesus was born into this world.

With best wishes
Pastoral team at Newquay Baptist Church


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