You are very welcome at our church, whether you live locally or are visiting on holiday. It would be great to see you!

You can find our meeting details here. Also check our church diary as we sometimes have extra meetings, special occasions and free lunches (everyone is invited to these and there’s no need to bring anything)

Our church can be hard to find, so it’s worth checking directions and advice on parking.

Hearing loop
Our church has a hearing loop. Please set any hearing aids to the T position.

Children & parents
Parents with babies and young children are welcome to use the back room during services if youngsters won’t settle in church. The service is relayed via a speaker in the corner of the back room. One of our WCs is equipped with a ‘baby-changing station’. You are also welcome to use the kitchen for drinks and warming milk, etc.

On holiday with a dog?
Quite often, holidaymakers have dogs with them. If your dog will settle, then feel free to bring them along on Sundays or Tuesdays. We don’t mind them at all … it’s just nice having you with us!

Please ask us a question if you want to know more. It would be great to see you at any of our services.

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